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The Facts of Life NFL 2011 Week 4: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The foosball Gods smiled on us this week as the prime time matchups were exciting if not always close.  Former losers were winners, former winners were losers and a former scapegoat turned hero turned scapegoat again. To the Good! The Good: I Called It!! So I never would’ve expected to see the Lions overcome a … Continue reading

3-2…….. 4-3: A look at the MLB season finale and the argument for the wonder of the old (America’s Pasttime) and the new (Wild card playoffs)

Baseball, is the finest enigma in the American experience. Called a simple game, yet one of the hardest to explain to anyone who has no knowledge of it. Steeped in History, but the first to apply new concepts such as sabremetrics and such obscure stats like how many points lower Dan Johnson’s batting average was … Continue reading

The Facts of Life 2011 NFL week 3: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

To sum up week 3 of this 2011 NFL season into one word, I’d go with unusual.  Other than the constant of the Green Bay Packers remaining undefeated, only true pyschics or true psychotics would have predicted the events of this season up  to this point. Which Brings us to our good… The Good: February … Continue reading

The Facts of Life 2011 NFL Week 2: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Chalk it up to opening week jitters or everyone getting settled in for the ride, but NFL’s week 2 was much more  enjoyable than the opening salvo. The Legend of Cam Newton continues, the butt whoopin’s were kept to a minimum and the most exciting game of the week hands down involved the Raiders and … Continue reading

The Facts of Life 2011 NFL week 1: Good, Bad & Ugly

Now that the dust has settled from the rip roaring rowdy rough-riding rootin rawhide rigamarole that was the opening week of the 2011 NFL football season, we have learned the following: Jack Squat Ravens vs Steelers should be a tightly contested defensive matchup, right? Well there were some brilliant defensive moments, but it was all … Continue reading

5 bold predictions for the upcoming NFL Season

Unleash the Keg of Glory!! The time has come once again for survivor pickems, for grown men to pine over other grown men (Peyton Manning and anyone who owns you on a fantasy team, here’s to you…), and of course to enjoy the opposite sex in cheerleader outfits only to be outdone by them wearing … Continue reading

Great games I haven’t beaten quite yet: The Saboteur

I wanted to begin this series of game reviews by stating a majority of these I’ve yet to actually complete. I love me some video games but generally found myself immersed for lengths of periods at a time only to abandon the epic adventure for an even lengthier time. I swear I’l get around to beating these someday…..maybe. We … Continue reading

Um… Really Aggies?

On Thursday the Aggies formally notified the Big 12 that they may be seeking to leave the conference, presumably for the SEC.  So before I get into what will be a lengthy blog post I need to make something abundantly clear. I’m a University of Texas fan. I spent most of my childhood and early twenties in … Continue reading

Just when I thought I was out… or The King has returned (if I was an egotistical bastard,which I might be)

Another football season calls me out like the beacon (or is it bacon) glow of a Whataburger sign after a dorm party and I am piqued, nay compelled, to write once more. The fact that my season predictions were for the most part a reason to keep watch of the season, if not almost actually accurate, … Continue reading

Five Reasons College Football Is Better Than The NFL

I’ve decided to resurrect the blog since our number one (and nearly only) topic was football and both the college and NFL seasons are just around the corner.  So to kick off the reviving of the blog, I decided to come up with a list of why the college game is so much better than … Continue reading